Software and Firmware for Engineering Applications

Expertise inkey engineering applications — control and interface software for embedded microcontroller applications incorporated in various circuit designs. Production test and burn-in systems, product prototyping and emulation, help and training tools.

  • Smartmotor[tm] servo control software
  • PICC C, BASIC PicBasic Pro, for Microchip 8-bit RISC processors
  • HTML/XML/CGI for web database logging and and dynamic page generation
  • Wiring/Processing/C++ in Arduino environment
  • Adobe/Macromedia Director, extensive Lingo programming [text parsing, animation, search engines
  • PLC programming using Ladder logic and symbolic programming [Koyo/Automation Direct, IDEC, Philips SmartRelay]
  • MS Office interactive training guides, Apple Printer operation software
  • Keypad and panel diagnostics for telemetry data processors firmware/hardware control of light tracking, anti-aliasing FFT filters, bit synchronizers
  • ASCII-based menuing systems for configuration and control of sensors, signal multiplexers and
  • menus with custom bi-directional protocols (RS232 and CAN) for optical vegetation biomass (NDVI) sensors







C, BASIC, Pascal, HTML/XML, Wiring, Lingo, Ladder/PLC


CCS, Keil, MPLab, Macromedia, Arduino, MicroCode Studio


Serial RS-232, RS-485, CAN-Bus, USB, HP-IB, SPI, I2C


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